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We publish a monthly invite with a list of all upcoming events and mid-week activities and send it to anyone and everyone who would like to receive it! If you'd like to join the distribution list, email admin@bunyan.org.uk or drop us a line on the contact page. You can also download it here - just click the blue button to the left.

SATURDAY CHURCH - January 20th 2018

Designed for families with children up to age 11, come along for free play, games, songs, activities and crafts, a free picnic and a Christian story! Everyone is welcome! No need to book, just turn up!
Contact: Andrew Ginn

ALPHA COURSE - starting January 25th 2018

Ever wanted to know more about the Christian faith or find out if there's more to life? This could be right up your street - everyone is welcome to come along to the taster session. Find out more in the flyer below.

YOUTH SOCIAL - January 26th 2018

We're heading to Hollywood Bowl at the Leisure Park for this month's social! If you'd like to come, please get in touch for a consent form. Contact: Damien Hine (damien@bunyan.org.uk)

PANCAKE NIGHT - February 13th 2018

Come along, enjoy a free pancake feast with various toppings to choose from! Everyone is welcome. More details to follow.

YOUTH SOCIAL - February 23rd 2018

We're having a Selfie Scavenger Hunt in the Old Town this evening so wrap up warm and get your game face on! A large-scale, free outdoor activity based around what has lately become something of an Olympic sport: Selfies! In teams we head out into the Old Town to find a certain list of objects and snap selfies with them. The first team back with a complete list wins the mysterious prize! Make sure you've handed in a consent form beforehand, too. Contact: Damien Hine (damien@bunyan.org.uk)

GUYS' CURRY NIGHT - February 26th 2018

Enjoy a meal out trying different curries - how spicy can you go?! More details to follow.

LADIES' CURRY NIGHT - March 5th 2018

Now it's the ladies' turn for a meal out - give your self a night off and enjoy! More details to follow.

YOUTH SOCIAL - March 23rd 2018

Whether there’ll be any real sleep, that’s the real question. This social will actually take place across a whole night! There’ll be big active games, some worship, food, a movie, possibly a late night walk, some sleep and then a nice cooked breakfast early the following morning. Just be sure to bring a pillow and sleeping bag. Contact: Damien Hine