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Lent: the 40 day countdown to Palm Sunday – the start of Easter week.

Traditionally, some people give things up for Lent, but when we think about Easter we see Jesus doing something; taking something on! We want to do the same, so over the next 6 weeks of Lent, we’re going to share some challenges and activities together: our Easter Eggtivities.  

The Eggtivities will be a weekly challenge, emailed out early in the week, describing something we can do together, as individuals, families or small groups of all ages. All the challenges will be following on from our Saturday Church and Sunday Church themes, looking at a section of Jesus’ teaching from Matthew 5, called the Beatitudes.  

The whole aim is to try something new together, as we represent Jesus to those we meet, helping people from across the town know his love. Here is how you can sign up:

Join here or email admin@bunyan.org.uk with “add me” in the subject line.


Our verse for this week (Mon 19th – Sun 25th Feb) is from  Matthew 5 v 4:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.


The EggTivity Challenges:  

As with last week, there are three different levels of challenge - so pick the level that works for you, have a go, and see what happens! Based on the above Bible verse, this weeks’ challenges are all about how we engage with those who are mourning; people who are feeling lonely, alone or having a hard time.


Write a letter, or pick up the phone to someone who you think might be alone, feeling lonely, or having a hard time. Maybe a relative, family friend, or just some you know from round about.

A Step Further…

Why not try and call-in on someone you think who might be alone, feeling lonely, or having a hard time? Maybe bake a cake and take it round?

A big push…

Could you commit to regularly helping support those are alone, feeling lonely, or having a hard time, going forward? You could take part in Bunyan’s pastoral visiting scheme or Age UK's befriending scheme, or have a look elsewhere to see where you could support people.

If you wanted to find out more what the Bible says about the all this, have a look at John 11: 17 - 44.

As we ask God to help us with all this, we can pray together:

Pray: Jesus, help me to see you and know you;re with me, especially when life is really hard. Help those people who mourn, or who live with sadness. Help them to see the good things in life, and help me to be a good thing in their life. Amen.

And don’t forget – please feel free to share any stories/ pictures on our Facebook page!