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LOVE Stevenage is a town wide, inter-church project, which is designed to enable people who attend local churches to serve members of their communities in really meaningful and practical ways. 

Now in its second year, LOVE Stevenage will facilitate different churches from around town to serve their local area.

There’ll be two teams: one serving individuals, and the other, the wider community.

To serve individuals or households,  project teams will help out at pre-arranged locations to carry out small jobs like fence painting, garden clearing, or very basic DIY. To serve our community there’ll be the chance of litter picks, projects in the parks, community car washing, or other similar initiatives.  

If you’d like to be a part of “loving Stevenage”, and you’d be available on the day to get involved in one way or another, please do join in!

You can sign up to be a part of the project up until the 25th June using the “Love Stevenage 2017 Sign up form” available from the church office or main hall.

You might want to sign up as an individual, a house group or family! Either way, chat to Andrew to find out more.

Contact: Andrew Ginn