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Ruth is a GP working in community healthcare in Tabora,Tanzania . She is the health coordinator for the Diocese of Tabora and runs the diocesan St. Philip’s Health Centre which she has developed and grown into a significant health care provider for the community and region.

In recent years, Ruth has initiated a mobile clinic to outlying villages, HIV/AIDs training and other community health projects as part of the centre’s ministry.

 She works through the Familia Moja (One Family) project which was set up to serve the needs of people beyond the medical facility. The clinic and project is reaching out to the least able, in the way that a family member would help a relative back onto their feet, in order for them to become independent wherever possible.

One of the biggest projects is the ‘Farm’ where very simple houses are built for families who have no other home. This will allow older people, as well as families, to be as independent as possible, having chickens, rabbits, and a garden in which to plant food, but also to be able to receive any help they may need.  

Ruth likens this to the Good Samaritan's donkey – carrying the fallen until they can go on by themselves.

She is supported by Bunyan and other churches throughout Europe via CMS (Church Missionary Society). To get an insight into her work, take a look at this video.

 Contact: Phil & Elaine Swinyard

(Thanks are due to CMS and FM websites where most of the text originated.)