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Saturday Church is a monthly get-together at 10-11.30am designed for families with young (ish!) children, and open to everyone.

The whole gathering is based around an indoor picnic (food and blankets provided), with some craft activities and games beforehand

Alongside the food and games, there’ll be a chance to engage with some Christian stories and activities, and meet some new people.

Scroll through our events gallery to see some pics of what we get up to!

It’s all free, but donations are welcome (there's an offering box in the entrance). No booking needed - just turn up on the day!

The next Saturday Church services are on:

21st April

19th May 

17th June 

21st July 

18th August

15th September 

20th October 

17th November 

22nd December


Here are the questions you asked at our October Saturday Church...

In a word, no! There are more than 60,000 different species of tree, from tiny little ones to trees that weigh thousands of tons! Some trees make tasty fruit, and others are really dangerous! Some are soft and springy, others hard and spikey!

God loves to be creative: he loves to make things different sizes, shapes and colours – just like people and animals!

This is a really good question! Some of the people in the Bible were worried about sleep too; one of them wrote (in Psalm 4 v 8): In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, O Lord, will keep me safe.

There’s lots of things that can keep us awake at night: being scared, worried, uncomfortable… The good news is that if we work together and trust Jesus, all those things can go away, and we can get lots of sleep! Maybe try praying last thing at night. When your head is on the pillow and the lights are off, tell God about all the things that stop you sleeping, and ask him to help… it works for me!

There are always more biscuits! Food is really important to us at Saturday Church!

The word “biscuit” comes from two French words meaning “twice cooked”… the sad news is that although they get cooked twice, they can only be eaten once!

If you let us know your favourite biscuits we’ll see if we can add them to our Saturday Church picnic next time!

This is a really good question to be asking! You’re in good company: lots of people have wrestled with the same question for years, and so should we.

Whilst there are a lot of answers, perhaps we could focus on two…

Firstly – no one is all bad. Some people are really mean – maybe because they feel like it, or maybe because people were mean to them first… but they’re still able to be good and kind if they want. Everyone has a choice about how they treat other people… and if we think about it, we could probably think of one or two things we’ve done that would make other people think we’re bad.

Secondly – there are bad people in the world because God has hope for all of us. God wants to help us to be good and kind to each other. God hopes everyone will get to know him better, and follow the example of Jesus more and more, and that we’ll all be kinder to each other as a result.

God hears us when we pray, because he’s always in the room with us! The Bible often describes God’s presence as a cloud… a cloud that can cover people, buildings or even mountains!

Sometimes that cloud is more visible than other times… but even when we can’t see God, He is still there.

There are things in every room that we can’t see… think about it; you might be standing in a room that looks empty, but it’s full of air! Maybe there’s wifi, or mobile phone signal. You can’t see it, but you can tell the difference it makes when you try to connect. God is also there, as something else unseen in the room. You know he’s there when you try to connect. He’s always there; whatever room you’re in, or even when you're outside, anywhere in the world!

In one sense, Mummies and Daddies make people… but there’s something incredible about that process too, which God does! If mummies and daddies sat down with all the ingredients to make a living person, they’d not be able to make anything like a real live human.

God takes a natural process, and adds something special: life! It is God who makes things alive. In everything that has ever been created, something had to go first…and it was God who was there first. He is the life that gave life to everything that has ever lived!

In that way, God has a special role as parent to everyone. He created people – he made them alive and he loves everyone like the perfect parent!

There are over 7.5 billion people in the world – and yet the Bible tell us he knows everything about each of us, even how many hairs there are on our heads!

These two questions kind of both have the same answer: Jesus!

We know God is real because of Jesus. He was a person who, about two thousand years ago, walked around with some friends; teaching people, doing loads of miracles, until he was killed… but he came back to life afterwards! He was, and still is God!

Just like we know about Queen Victoria (eye witnesses wrote down reliable records… and there’s so many that the only possible conclusion is that she was real!), so people wrote about Jesus; they wrote about what he said as well as what he was like.

He behaved like God would – he taught incredible things that still shape the world today, and he did incredible things, like healing people, and feeding thousands of people, and bringing dead people back to life: the thing’s we’d expect someone to do if they claimed to be God – which Jesus did! So Jesus both showed us that God is real, and showed us how to behave.

How old is God? Very old! It’s a bit tricky to put a number on it though… our years are all about the Earth going round the Sun; that’s how we count it. But for God, he was around before the Earth and the Sun! God has always been around, and he always will be around…because of that, age as a concept doesn’t really apply to God.

In terms of when God made the world, some of our good friends over in the clever brainy science department have worked out that Earth is about 4.5 billion years old, and that people have been around for 200,000 years or so. God made the world because he’s creative! Just like we might draw a picture, or make a model, God made the universe! The thing he really wanted to express was love – he made the world so that people would have somewhere to live while he was loving them!

Nowhere in the Bible do we get a detailed description of what God looks like. I think there are two real reasons here:

Firstly, God’s character (how he is and what he’s like) is much more important that what he looks like… The descriptions we have of God are that he’s kind, generous, loving, patient, not about his height, shape or look.

Secondly, whilst Jesus shows us what God-with-skin on is like, the Bible gives the impression that God-without-skin isn’t tied to any one physical form of shape. We might see lots of God everywhere all the time – the power of the sea, the number of stars, the complexity of a flower… all of it is like seeing God, in that we see what he’s like, even if he doesn’t have a shape like you and me.

God loves hugs! Jesus tells a story about what God is like, describing him as an old man waiting for his lost son to come home… he waits and waits, looking out of the window every day, until one day he sees his son in the distance… Old though he was, he hitched up his dressing gown and ran down the road to give his child a great big hug! The ingredients for a hug are all the things that God likes: being close, trusting, caring, loving, and helping.

Jesus once talked about how he wanted to hug people, saying he felt like a mother hen, who wanted to gather everyone under his wings to keep them warm and safe.

So yes, God loves hugs! Sometimes, when we pray we feel God so closely it’s the exact same feeling we have when we’re hugged by someone we love.

God made the world by speaking! Imagine having that much power and authority. Sometimes when we speak, things change. We can say to someone “I want an ice cream (please!)”, and maybe they’ll get us an ice cream!

When people in very powerful roles speak, even more things change. For example, if a king says “I’m going to go to war with… some country”, then there’s a huge effect as soldiers have to go, and people fight and all sorts. God is the same, but different. When God speaks, he is so powerful that his words make things happen. Just like soldiers’ line up when a king speaks, so atoms line up when God speaks. God spoke, and things started existing, and taking shape as a result. The really exciting thing is that God still speaks today! He uses his speaking to help us and teach us, if we want to listen to him.

And yes – I’m 100% sure God is excited to be at your birthday! He’d have it no other way! He’ll be there… as with the earlier example – like air, or wifi, you probably won’t be able to see him – but if you try to connect with him you’ll feel the difference he can make.

What does God want? What a wonderful question!

Thankfully, that’s a question that Jesus answered in the Bible (John 6), where he said: “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.”

He wants to you believe in him. Believe he is who he says he is. Believe him when he tells you that he’s real, that he loves you, and that he knows your name and your life story. Believe that he cares about the things you care about.

Believe that the things Jesus taught are true: that they’re good for us, and help us to live well.

Believe that Jesus died, and came back to life… That’s what God absolutely wants and hopes for all of us. He want the best for us – he wants for us to be in a good relationship with him.

If you do believe in him, tell him, and tell someone else… see what God does next?!