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Please scroll down to read more about our Sunday morning service, Sunday evening service and Saturday church.


The Sunday Morning service, starting at 10:30am and lasting around 1hr and 15min, has groups for children and young people (1-16 years old) running alongside the service.

For more information about the contents of topics of services, please do get in touch or pop in. Weekly notice sheets are produced, detailing specifics of up-and-coming services.


At the morning services, we all gather in the main hall through the double doors off Basils Road, and start our service with singing and prayers. Everyone is in together for the first 20 minutes or so, then the children and young people head out to their groups, while the adults (and any younger people who wish to stay) remain for the rest of the service which will normally include a sermon, prayers and songs.


Several times during the year we'll have “Whole Church Services”. These take place on special occasions like Easter, Harvest & Christmas, and during August. For these services, the children, young people and adults remain together for the duration of the service. The whole service is shaped so as to be fun, accessible and interactive for people of all ages. These services are normally about an hour. Our next Whole Church Services are: 23rd July - 3rd September; 1st October (Harvest); 17th December (Children's Christmas Service) and 24th December (Christmas Eve).

Communion is held on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Once or twice per year this coincides with a Whole Church Sunday and we celebrate communion as a church family. We have an open communion table to which we welcome anyone who loves the Lord Jesus.


The Sunday Evening service, called Revive, meets at 6:30pm and aims to be a welcoming, relaxed, thought-provoking, interactive hour that will help everyone discover a bit more about Jesus. 

The format varies from week to week, but we usually celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of each month. The second Sunday of each month is a little different, as we share in “Chatty Church”. The service starts and finishes in the usual way, with some singing and prayer, but rather than a main talk, there’s a brief presentation of an idea or thought, before we break into small group around tables for about 25 mins of discussion over a cuppa. God can and does speak through all of us – so it’s great to take the time to chat and listen!

We love to try new things at Revive, but normally each service will include band-led, sung worship, prayers, a sermon and a time of reflection. We always share a bit of food and drink (often more than just tea and a biscuit) after the service.

If you'd like to know more about what is planned for the near future, please get in touch via the contact page


We are in the process of creating separate pages for each of our services. Click here to see the new Saturday Church one!