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Hello from Bunyan Baptist Church!

Bunyan Baptist Church has been loving Stevenage and serving Stevenage since 1898. There have been a lot of different things going on over the years, but on this site you’ll find some information about the activities we currently offer, and how you can join in.

We’d love to be able to know you better, so please do get in touch via the contact form or come along to any of our groups or services.

If you’ve got any questions about anything you read on the site or the about the church in general, I’d gladly meet up for a coffee and chat!

Revd Andrew Ginn


Latest News!

01/07/2019 Planning Permission for the proposed scheme has been granted… although there may still be a few alterations needed.

July 2019:

The final toilets outline is being confirmed, including a fully accessible toilet, to provide for those who might need assistance from others in making use of the facilities, and / or a place to be changed.

It’s anticipated the facilities will be fully equipped with a hoist and changing table.

November 2019:

Finer details are being planned, including where the electric sockets will go, and what types of light we’ll have...

December 2019:

Test holes have been dug to assess the soil and foundations.

Consultants are puzzling about exactly how to heat the Main Hall!