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Services and other gatherings at Bunyan: July 2020

Posted by Bunyan Team on June 25, 2020 at 11:05 AM

Hello all serivce attenders! 

Following the change in government earlier this week, you will probably have heard the news that churches are able to hold services again from Saturday 4th July. Whilst Bunyan and the Baptist Union are keeping a close eye on the evolving situation, our view at the moment is that we’ll not be re-starting services on site just yet.


We’d obviously love to all get together again, but the social distancing requirements that’d limit the number of attenders to 30 people or fewer, the complications for children’s and youth provision, our not being allowed to sing or share refreshments, means that our online services feel closer to the way we’d like to gather than anything we’d be able to do in the building. So rather than trying to create a rota of which 30 people can come on what week, to an all-age service with no singing, no hugs or handshakes and no coffee afterwards, while still producing online content for everyone else who can’t join in on site on any given week, it’s felt we’d be best concentrate our efforts on the online services for a little while longer: a sense that was corroborated by feedback in the recent questionnaire.


That said, we really love and miss the fellowship of being together as church… so there are some new things we can explore, if you wanted to find ways of being a bit closer together:


• If you’re not already part of a small group that regularly meets over zoom or similar to chat, pray and check in with each other, and you’d like to be, then get in touch via minister@bunyan.org.uk: we’ll find a spot for you!

• Within the guidelines and the broad definition of ‘services’ it appears that it might be possible for small groups to meet at the church in person! Naturally, there’ll be plenty of considerations to manage, but if you wanted to explore using the facilities in that way, please do get in touch with minister@bunyan.org.uk, and we can share our thinking on risk assessments, and the necessary processes and procedures, as well as talking about what’s permissible and beneficial!

• Also, from next month, there could be the chance for 1-2-1 pastoral meetings on site. If you wanted someone to meet and pray with in person (even if at a slight distance!), then we’re exploring ways to enable such meetings. If that’s something you’d value, please do get in touch with the pastoral team via prayer@bunyan.org.uk.

• Quite separate to using the site, some people are finding “socially distanced walks” a lovely and safe way to catch up, chat and pray with one other person – and to take advantage of this sunny weather!

Of course, you might have other ideas about how we can keep growing in our fellowship even while slightly apart, which we’d love to hear… and as above, we’re keeping a close eye on the changing regulations, so that as soon as we can gather in a way that’s safe and conducive to us being a gathered, worship body of church, we’ll be right on it!


In the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch,

With every blessing,


Andrew, Ali and the team


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