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At a recent Church Members Meeting (the place where all our big church decisions get made) we agreed to go ahead with some development works for which planning permission has already been granted! The reasons for doing the works, and the main differences you’ll see and feel are:

  • Connecting the two buildings on the site, providing a Welcome Area and Mingle         Space
  • Relocating and upgrading the toilets and drains
  • Installing a new heating system
  • Adding more storage space to the site
  • Improving the accessibility and flow around the whole site

The works aren’t massive, but they’ll certainly be significant! We’ll either look to make a start in October this year, then take a pause before restarting in Spring / Summer 2020, or we’ll start in Spring 2020 and carry on to completion. 

All in, the cost will be around £590,000, and the great news is that we’ve already made progress in finding the finance to make the project happen! We’ve been saving a Building Fund for a number of years, which now has around £80,000 in it. On top of that, Church members have together agreed to give £140,000, as well as providing new monthly giving that would enable us to take out a loan of around £120,000. We’re also looking to sell Stanmore Hall, a smaller building owned by the church, at the far end of Stanmore Road. While the funds from sale will go straight into the building work here, we’re still likely to need another £80,000 or more. All the more so as there’s a variety of other beneficial works that we would love to include in the scheme, should we be able to afford them (like installing double glazing).

So with all that in mind, we’re asking for some help from all our friends and supporters, and all those who enjoy using the church site: We really want to make it better for everyone, but we need some help getting over the line! Would you be able to contribute any finance to this project? If you feel you would be able to make a donation please can you get in touch via the contact page. Or if you'd like more information feel free to pop in and see us and we'd be happy to give you some more details!