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In all of our Sunday Groups children have the chance to learn about Bible stories and God in a lively, creative and relevant way while having a lot of fun with friends at the same time!

Children stay in the Sunday morning service for the first 15 minutes. The adults then remain for more sung worship, prayer and the sermon while the children are invited to their different groups.

Creche (age 0-2), Bubbles (age 3-5) and Splash (age 6-7) all meet in the back hall to have "Circle Time" together: 

We play a welcome game

sing a song

                say a prayer with actions and 

     hear a Bible story told with tons of pictures and props. 

We have colouring, sticking and a craft and often a group game at the end. We then have a cup of squash and a biscuit before our parents come to collect us.

Creche parents are welcome to stay or welcome to return to the service in the main hall! There are plenty of toys available for our creche age children, with all the "Circle Time" activities being optional for you and your little one.

THE MIX: Ages 7-11

We meet in Stanmore Hall at the other end of Basils Road where we hear a Bible story and do games together. We meet at the church entrance and walk there and back together. 
Contact: Ruth Hyde
Email: children@bunyan.org.uk

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