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Covid 19 Update - Fairtrade partnership with the Foodbank: 
Small producers around the world need us to keep supporting them, Traidcraft needs continuing trade and the Foodbank needs donations! If you would like to help you can order some item(s) we will arrange collection from foodbank volunteers. We are currently offering pasta at £2.55, toilet rolls at £2.50 and Fairbreak biscuits at £1.15. If there is enough interest a wider range of products will be available in due course. Please contact us via our Facebook page to place your order!

In the Bible there are many references to the importance of justice in our dealings with others. Amos speaks out strongly against exploitation and so does Jesus. Fairtrade is important because it seeks to ensure that producers in poorer countries receive a fair income which allows them to feed, house and educate their families decently instead of the exploitation which is a feature of many of the dealings between the developed and developing worlds.

In September 2004 we started a Fairtrade stall selling Traidcraft goods. From small beginnings it has grown and now has an extensive range of products which are on sale on the first Sunday of every month. We also hold a coffee morning with many more products in the Autumn. In addition the stall is “borrowed” by other churches every month.

As we sell we make a small profit and we use this money for worthy projects such as Familia Moja which supports the work done by Dr. Ruth in Tanzania and Bridgebuilders which works in our local primary schools.

We would like to encourage you to use the monthly stall – not just for extras, but to buy some items you would normally buy from the supermarket. You can do this on a casual basis but, better still, you can place a monthly order and collect it from the stall. Such an order is always flexible and can be adjusted. For any who prefer not to buy on a Sunday arrangements can be made for a regular order to be collected during the week. Catalogues of the full range of Traidcraft goods are available and orders can be placed with David Smith.

Contact: David Smith