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Life will always have its highs and its lows, its pleasant and unpleasant surprises, its joys and anxieties. Jesus promises us that we’re never alone, no matter what is happening. 

We can be more aware of Jesus with us as we gather together, so as a church we offer Pastoral Visiting, where a Minister, Elder or church member can come and visit you at home or in hospital, to chat with you about specific things going on in life, to receive communion, to share scripture, or to simply be heard and prayed for.

If you’d like to arrange a get-together, please get in touch with a member of the Pastoral Team, via the church office.

The arrangement and content of pastoral visits are kept confidential, unless the person being visited specifically requests that news of their situation be sensitively shared with others so that the wider church can also be in prayer.

Contact: Barbara Francis or Jan Fry